Welcome to my webpage!  My name is Lori Simon and I am passionate about creating bears.  I've been making teddy bears for 27 years and I am not done yet.  I work in up-cycled fur of all types and I love incorporating my detail oriented tailoring skills as well as combining exquisite fabrics into memorable characters.  Please enjoy my newest creations.  If you want to purchase a bear, please email me  Enjoy the show!   

Spring Preview

"Spring Preview" is a 21-inch tall bear made of white faux Tibetan lamb fur and wears a two-tone plush bodysuit.  Her paw pads and inner ears are antique linen and the foot pads of her bodysuit are jute.  Her eyes are layered suede and felt behind shoe buttons; her nose is embroidered, waxed and air-brushed; and her head can be turned in any direction with loc-line to give her all kinds of expression.  She is heavily weighted with pellets and is most comfortable sitting, but can stand on her own if she is asked.  She wears a tailored, silk and embroidered  jacket, a silk collar and linen trousers. 

ADOPTED  $725 shipping included within the U.S.
Bear Burgundy

"Bear Burgundy" is 26-inches tall (28" to the top of his hat and 21" when sitting).  He is made from faux fox fur and has a mink fur muzzle and inner ears.  His made-on bodysuit is made of Persian lamb fur under an antique Victorian Crazy Quilt jacket and hat.  Cotton trousers and a silk collar complete the ensemble.  His paw pads are made of vintage velveteen, he is 5-way jointed and he is weighted.  His face is expressive with suede and felt behind shoe button eyes and an embroidered and waxed nose. A one-of-a-kind, truly a bear for the collector with everything. 

ADOPTED  $925 shipping included within the U.S.