Gallery of Dressed Bears

The teddy bears featured in the Gallery of Dressed Bears are composed from an intense passion to create characters from chaotic collections of exquisite fabrics and vintage accessories - organised into historically accurate, impeccably tailored and fashionably dressed fine works of art.  Object:  to indulge  Click on the arrows to scroll through the images; click on the image to view larger. Contact Lori to purchase.

Victorian Era Bear in Fall Colors $1300.00
  •  25" tall muskrat fur bear

  • mink fur inset muzzle and inner ears

  • brown Persian lamb fur bodysuit under Victorian influenced Clothing

  • artist made jacket with dramatic collar and matching gored skirt

  • modest in her slip and bloomers

  • antique side button boots

  • mink boa and matching hat

Suited for Fall  $395.00
  • 12" seal fur bear

  • velvet paw pads and inner ears

  • burnt orange and maroon plush made on bodysuit

  • suede behind shoe button eyes

  • embroidered and waxed features

  • fully jointed with loc line neck

  • poly filled and glass pellet weighted

  • tailored collar and hat

Bear in Guatemalan Jacket  SOLD
  • 19" mink fur bear (23" with hat)

  • made on wool bodysuit under:

  • artist made jacket and hat from vintage hand appliquéed corduroy

  • flannel gingham vest and trousers

  • antique velvet and leather lace up boots - well worn

  • velvet paw pads and inner ears

  • suede and felt behind shoe button eyes

  • embroidered, waxed and air-brushed features

  • fully jointed with loc-line neck

Black Bear Magician $1250.00
  • 33" tall (36" to top of hat) faux fur bear

  • mink fur muzzle and inner ears

  • faux leopard-spot plush made-on bodysuit

  • antique crazy quilt jacket and hat

  • artist-tailored jacket, hat, trousers, and collars

  • gorgeous, well-worn, antique leather boots with scallops

  • suede paw pads

  • suede and felt behind shoe-button eyes

  • embroidered, waxed and air-brushed features

  • fully jointed with loc-line neck

© 2014 Lori Simon | Furbearsake

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