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October 2017

OMG Lori! I have been admiring your bears and their endearing faces for so long, I can't believe how GORGEOUS he is!! So much personality through his posing and those amazing eyes. I love absolutely everything about him. His profile is beautiful. I have been moving him around with me since he arrived and cannot stop picking him up and just taking him all in!  Shaped so beautifully and gives amazing hugs. He will be loved and treasured, he's my first Lori Simon and I can't wait to bring home more.  

Thank you for getting him home so quickly! I just LOVE him! Oh... and his beautiful collar and button!



May 2020

Oh do I LOVE this boy Lori!!!  My first curly lamb!!  I am getting such an education on all the different furs!  Howard is just PERFECT!!  

LOVE his dark brown coloring, my favorite.  My oldest son has very curly hair  and when he was 2 his best friend was a brown bear he named Brownie and that bear went everywhere, we had to turn around back home if Brownie was left behind.  So when you described Curly Howard, as a little boy's favorite toy, it was the frosting on the cake!  He has a sweet expression, love his paw pads, he is a great hug!  Love his collar and those great buttons!!   Love his loc-line neck!!  I loved your line-up of bears, great choices.

And.....Thank You for the wonderful Designer mask!!!  That is the neatest and very much needed!!!   Love it.

Take Care.  I hope the days and weeks ahead get more optimistic with good news and results as we move forward!

Thanks for getting him home so quickly, he is a very special Bear.



June 2016

Hi Lori,

I just wanted to let you know that my lovely panda has arrived. As usual I am enchanted with your creation. His fur, and his face are wonderful and his outfit his just beautiful. Thank you so much for another very special bear.

Hugs from both of us! 

Ellen Berger


February 2016

Hi Lori!

My bears arrived. Just have one thing to say....okay, maybe 5 things...WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW....WOW!!! They are simply exquisite! I could not be more thrilled with them. The fur is to die for. They will probably be bald within a year as I can't stop "petting" them. Haha! And I love the ribbon embroidery on the paw pads. The soulful expressions in their eyes! Just love everything about both bears! Now I "need" one of your larger bears. Will keep an eye on your website and check out the shows in which you participate.

Thanks again, Lori!

Big Bear Hugs, Michelle


July 2015

Lori,  he's arrived safely!


Love the way his neck is made and how he can stand on all 4's, sit, or stand on his hind legs. I have admired your bears for several years and am so excited to finally own one. This one stole my heart the minute I saw him, and will continue to do so for years. He will be cherished and has a new home where he will be well cared for and treasured.

Your bears are so beautifully done.  Such perfection to the tip of his nose, to the tip of his tail.  His nose is so beautifully stitched, I thought at first it was leather. I really admire you bears and your talent. This bear is a charmer.  Really grabs your heart and knew he had to come live with me.  He will have a place of honor where he can charm everyone who comes near him.  Thank you so much for all the hours you put into him.  He's perfect!

Hugs, Judy

March 2015

Hi Lori,

My precious, little bear arrived earlier this week.  I am sure you hear this all the time, but I have to tell you that he is exquisite and your workmanship is incomparable!  He is so dapper and elegant and that white mink is indeed to die for.  And those shoes!  I think I shall call him Jean Jacques Cartier because he is like a fine piece of Cartier jewelry.  

Thank you.  I feel so privileged that I was able to purchase him!  The early bird does indeed get the worm!

Best Regards, Pat

July 2013

The British teddy bear magazine Teddy Bear Times featured Lori Simon bears in an incredible 4-page spread. Click here to see it!


March 2012

Hi Lori! He's here and is so amazing! What a GORGEOUS hunk of burning sweet love bear! The collar is also amazing and the quality of the fur is scrumptuous. My daughter says to me, "Mom, how does she do that … that's just crazy!" Yes, you have a younger generation of Lori Simon bear lovers. Many, many thanks for yet another WINNER, as usual! Also, I had the divine pleasure of viewing all your lovely goodies at the online show and they were just beautiful. Keep them coming! Have a most blessed day, Maria


November 2011

I am without words!! My handsome clown bear arrived yesterday. He is the most exquisite creature I have ever seen and to think he is all mine now! Well worth the wait. You have created something truly special and unique! Thank you! Pat


October 2011

Lori, I am speechless! Incredible … amazing … I absolutely love him! Your three bears are the best bears I have in my collection, by a million miles! Hugs, Sarah


October 2011

Oh, WOW!!!!! Lori, My absolutely gorgeous white bear has just arrived safely, and I am completely bowled over. He is soooooo beautiful and sooooo cuddly! If I am honest I actually have to say he is the most beautiful bear I have EVER seen, I am so over the moon with him. THANK YOU SO MUCH Lori, I love him. My forever bear! Thank you, and lots of huge hugs, Karen


July 2010

Hi Lori, I needed to let you know that the Furbearsake panda you made was given to my daughter at her baby shower this past Saturday, & it was a BIG HIT! She thought that I had given her a beautiful bear; however, when I told her in a letter enclosed in the box that it was from the minks her grandmother and I had worn "in the good ole days," she bursted out into tears, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room! As a matter of fact, I had brought one of your business cards along w/me & my friend Libby Markowitz should be calling you soon (her 2 daughters are pregnant). I will send you photos of my daughter with the bear once the shower hostesses send them to me. Thank you, once again, for the magnificent work & your dedication to this extraordinary craft! With much appreciation, Edna Gordon


July 2010

Lori, I had friends over, and of course I got out the ten Bears I have had you make (ALL FABULOUS BEYOND WORDS!) And I can’t tell you how much they enjoyed your work and the personality you put into each bear. I never dreamed I would be able to own such treasures from my Mothers “old” furs that I had almost given to the Goodwill until I was lucky enough to be referred to you! My children have already picked out the Bears they would like and its so nice to know they will be well cared for always. Thank you again for you’re excellent work and I will continue to monitor your website for future additions! My Best To You, Liz Wittenberg


May 2010

Hi Lori! I just had to share a little something with you. My daughter came home from school.. took one look at the bear and said nothing as her jaw just dropped down. She walked slowly over to the bear to meet him and said " Mommy that is the most beautiful bear I've ever seen" Lori I must tell you although I love all of your creations this one is my absolute most favorite and although I must sell sometimes to make room for new ones this special bear will forever be in my home. Thank you again for such an exquisite superb bear. Take care and be well! Warm Regards, Maria


April 2010

The bear formerly known as "Bear 174" arrived today. He must have made it in before volcanic ash completely closed down all air traffic over the British Isles and Western Europe. Let me just say - WOW! I am absolutely in love. I got the box and saw "product of Canada" on the side, so I wasn't too excited at first as I am also expecting something from Canada. I sat it down and went to do a few other things, then glanced at the box and saw your name on it - OH NO! I had wasted precious minutes! So I opened the box, and lifted out the most precious bear I have ever had the pleasure of holding. His name was immediately apparent - Tobin. I am so glad I got him in addition to asking you to make a custom bear for me - I would have been heartbroken if he hadn't come to live with me. Now, Tobin and I will just wait to see the beauty that will come to live with us next. Thank you so much, Lori. He is fantastic and you are incredibly talented, Stephanie


February 2010

I want you to know the impact of this bear. First off, if you remember me from the bear show, I am the teary-eyed lady that was surprised by my own emotions involved with having my mom's wrap transformed into a bear. I had surgery coming up, and I kept thinking "I wish my mom was here with me." (Mom's deceased since 2002 so this was not a possibility.) So off to my P.O. box to get my mail, and I'm surprised by such a big box! A lightbulb goes off in my head and I know my bear has arived. Lori, this was on the Monday the day before my surgery. Again, I am teary-eyed. I waited till I got home to open the box. Lori, no kidding at the moment I opend the box it didn't matter how cute and perfect you had made him. It mattered only that I felt my mom was here for me. The amazing thing of course is the timing. You had agreed to send me the bear before the 26th of the month, but by magic, faith, karma, or God the bear was here early. My bear represented my mom. That night, my bear slept next to me. Up at 4 a.m. I am preparing for my surgery at 5:45 a.m. I left my bear on the pillow on my bed. Before I left, I told my spouse I needed to be alone in the bedroom for a minute. My bear got a kiss goodbye. I have to laugh at myself -- a 61 year old wanted to take the bear with me to have at surgery! Maybe a cute little 3 year old could have gotten away with hugging a cuddly bear into the operating room, but I felt strongly the medical staff might have questioned my sanity. Can you imagine them having a good laugh if I would have tried to drag my bear with me? Plus, I didn't want any doctors getting my bear dirty. My bear is absolutely perfect. Everything we decided together to create the cutest bear for Betty. Lori, don't ever underestimate the power or the magic of your craft and talent. If you haven't heard it before, you have heard it from me in this lettter. Thank you, Betty


July 14, 2009

I finally received her. I don’t know what to say, she is absolutely stunning. If I could have seen her in the flesh I would not have hesitated for a second, I absolutely adore her. She has immediately become my favourite bear, truly, and I have many. The combination of furs, colour, the amazing skill in creating her and her clothes. I cannot complement you highly enough. To think I nearly missed out on her, if it hadn’t been for my husband (who having seen my reaction to her, is being very smug at the moment), doesn’t bear thinking about. She would always have been the one who got away. Thank you so much for your patience with my questions, there would have been none if I could have actually seen and held her. Your attention to detail is outstanding and I could not wish for a more unique bear. I would still love another of your ‘naked bears’, even more so now I have actually seen your work up close. I don’t know if you will be able to create another as unique, but you now have an idea of my taste for unusual bears and I’m sure will have some more fabulous creations. Please send me details of your next pieces, I would love to own another of your works of art. In the meantime I am busily thinking up a name for her and have her proudly displayed as my centrepiece. Many, many thanks, Eloise Abraham, U.K.

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